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Bahman Group

Spanning more than six decades, the Bahman Group of Companies stands tallas one of the pioneers in the Kuwait market in the field of GeneralTrading andFinance.

The Company was formed in the 1950's heralding the golden Era of Kuwait andunder the able guidance of Mr. Abdul Hussain Haji Bahman, the company haswithstood the test of time and has emerged to be one of the pillars of theKuwait‘s Economy and the Trade Market.

Over the Years, the Company has diversified into many fields of Activity such asImport & Supply of High Quality Steel, Sanitary Wares, Hardwares, MedicalEquipment, Civil Construction , Electro— Mechanical Contracting, Foodstuff EtBeverages, Travel & Tourism, all the while strengthening its core base which isin investments, real estate, Trading and logistics

Imbued with a pioneering attitude and drive to succeed, with a commitment toexcellence and business integrity,Bahman General Trading Et Contracting isproud of its reputation for professionalism, determination and innovation.

Apart from the above extensive portfolio , the group also have their subsidiaryoffices in Dubai, India, Romania, UK., USA, Germany,Japan and China.

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