Bahman General Trading.Co

Bahman General Trading & Contracting company was established in 1953, as a Commission Agent procuring Agencies from Europe, Russia & China. Under the able guidance of our chairman, Mr.Abdul Hussain Bahman, The company has witnessed a decades of achievement and expansion and has a pivotal role in the Kuwait economy.

In addition to developing properties, BREC provides real estate advisory,proiect management and letting services, as well as overseeing theexecution of projects design, constructions and operations.

  • Hardware
  • Sanitary
  • Steel
  • Smart Building Division
  • Electro -mechanica lDivison


The Sanitary department has been an active proponent of the sanitary wares& fixtures in the Kuwait market since the past 50 years and are a specialized department for the same.

Apart from sanitary wares the department also market pipes and fittings, Water Heaters, Water Meters and Ceramic Tiles.

We undertake Plumbing, Fire Fighting and HAVC Contracts.

  • Pegler Valves, UK
  • Hanssanitare, Germany
  • British Berkfield Filters, UK

Hardware & Building Materials

The Hardware was established to serve the hardware requirements of Kuwait market and deal in allkinds of Building Materials, Construction Materials, Hand Tools, Agricultural Tools, etc.

The following are some of the main items promoted by this department:


  • Soft Quality Common Round Iron Wire Nails
  • Lost Head Nails
  • Welded Wire Mesh
  • Hand Tools
  • DEER Brand 100% Cotton White Mull
  • PANDA Brand 100% Cotton White ETERNA Brand Paint Brush - Art No.730
  • P.E.Tarpaulin
  • Shade Nets for Construction & Shaded Parking
  • IRON BULL Brand Hand Truck & Wheel Barrow
  • EMULSION Paint Roller & OIL Paint Roller
  • GOLD CRANE Brand Shovel
  • PANTHER Brand Rubbing Brick
  • KING Brand Rim Locks
  • GOLDEN DEER Brand Aluminium Oxide Cloth
  • Polyester Textiles
  • Industrial Staples Pins & Brad Nails
  • G.I. Washers
  • Table Legs,Elastic Webb ing,Cotton Piping, Zig Zag Spring,Broom & Broom Sticks

  • Spain

  • Wooden Handles for Shovel
  • Pickaxe
  • Hoe & Hammers

  • Italy

  • Acrylic Lacquer Thinner
  • Paint Remover


  • OSK Brand Diamond Saw Blade
  • EAGLE & PEUGOED Brand Hand Saw and S
  • tainless Steel Wall Scraper
  • KINKI Brand 2 - Way Screw Driver
  • SKK Brand Caster
  • EK Brand Foot Rule
  • GIKEN Brand Glass Cutter, Tile Nipper, Side Nipper & Tile Cutter
  • SUPER TIL Brand Wire Rope Winch
  • TAIYO Brand Hand Riveter & Bolt Clipper
  • YAMAVO Brand 'Roller Boy' MeasuringWheel
  • Wood Joint Corrugated Nails
  • SUPER SAWMAN Brand Hand Saws
  • Expanded Iron Sheet (Metal Lath)
  • TITAN Brand Safety Belt

  • India

  • Pickaxe
  • Powrah
  • Wooden Handle for Pickaxe,Powrah & Shovel
  • Cement Colour
  • Bar Hinges
  • Cotton Ropes
  • HOPE Ropes
  • Canvas,Navar
  • Hand Tools, Mul Mul
  • Fix Bo ts
  • Coir Yam
  • Hessian Cloth

  • Chech Republic

  • Rubbing Brick
  • Cutting & Grinding Disc