Bahman Oil & Gas

Bahman Oil & Gas Company was established in March 2013 with the intention of serving customers in the oil well drilling & field services, refinery, construction and marine industries.

The company has primarily two divisions :

  • The contracting division that handles on site & at premise kit u, Fabrication & Welding for oil sector companies
  • The Fabrication Facility consisting of comprehensive machining and
  • fabrication fac ilities in the East Ahmadi industrialarea which comprise of following:

Oil field Machine Shop

  • A fully fledged Machine Shop with API Ql technical accreditation andvarious monogram Licenses (valid up to Mar 2017), covering Spec 7-1, SCT,6A, 16A &16C.
  • Key products and services includes:
    • Manufacturingandrefurbishingof:
    • i.Drillstem Crossovers and Drillstem stubs
    • ii. Casing I Tubing pup joints
    • iii. Cross over connectors, Top connectors, Tees & Crosses, WN/companion flanges
    • iv. Adapte r/Spacer spools, Drilling spools, Stabilizers, DSA's, Mud cross,
  • Repairing of connections on drillstring/stem crossovers
  • Repair, service and remanufacture of BOP Control Systems, Choke and Kill Manifold,
  • High Pressure Rigid Piping
  • BOP
  • Rig handling
  • Hoisting and Rotating equipment

Fabrication Facility

Fabrication yard with ASME certification - U, PP and NB-R (valid up to Aug2019) focusing on:

  • Design and fabrication of pressure vessels, silos, water and fuel tanks and other structural fabrication ;
  • Design, fabrication and installation of Mud Systems (500-4500 bbl)
  • Fabrication/repair of structural rig components, etc.

Hard banding Services

  • DrillPipesandHW's
  • GMAW(automatic)withCastolinOTW13CFfillermaterial

Hard facing Services

  • StabilizersandMotorSLeeves
  • Tungstencarbide-TypeW20-30meshrod

Testing Facilities

Repair & Pressure Testing

  • High pressure test unit of data Logging system with test capability up to 30000 psi. Facility capabilities include the repair / refurbishing and high pressure testing for BOPs, BOPcontrolsystems together with choke and killmanifolds, stand pipe/cement manifolds, etc.

Non Destructive Testing

  • In house facility for Magnetic Particle Inspection & Dye Penetrant Inspection.