Bahman Shipping and Marine Services Company (BSMSCO)

Part of the influential Bahman Corporation, Bahman Shipping and Marine Services Company (BSMSCO) was created to answer increasing demands in the Localmarine market.

The company's vision calls for it to capitalize on market dynamics through a dedicated band of marine professionals. Already it has gained the confidence of some of the Gulf's biggest organizations due to its dedication to the jo b.

BSMSCO has transported huge quantities of rocks for sea front projects in Kuwait and ships in aggregate material from the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, BSMSCO offers tug boats to the Kuwait Ports Authority. At present, tug boat Bahman 1 and tug boat Bahman 3 carry out towing and anchoring works required by vessels entering Shuwaikh Port.

Through its sister company, Mousa Bahman Trading Est., BSMSCO is also involved in dredging work in the Shuwaikh channel